10 Ways to Protect Your Credit Cards

You may think these ten rules are unnecessary. But if you ignore them, you make it easy for the wrong people to use your cards

  1. Never leave your cards unattended at work. There are more credit card thefts in the workplace than in any other single location.
  2. If your credit card is programmed to access an Automated Banking Machine (ABM), protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or security code. Don’t write it down, memorize it.
  3. Don’t leave your credit cars in your vehicle. A very high proportion of credit cards are stolen from motor vehicles.
  4. Always check your card when returned to you after a purchase. Make sure it is your card.
  5. When traveling, carry your cards with you or make sure they are in a secure location.
  6. Report lost or stolen cards immediately. Most fraudulent use of cards takes place within days of their being lost or stolen.
  7. Sign the back of a new card as soon you get it. Destroy unwanted cards so no one else can use them.
  8. Make a list of all your cards and their numbers. This key information is helpful when reporting lost or stolen cards.
  9. Always check your monthly statement. Make sure the charges are yours. Report them to your card company if the entry is not yours.
  10. Never give your card number over the phone unless you are dealing with a reputable company. The only time you should give it is when you have called to place an order.