Surveillance is a useful tool to gather evidence for a wide variety of circumstances to determine the activities of a person.

Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the clients requires.

Our surveillance services are available throughout all cities in Malaysia.

Our private investigators and detectives work along side our covert surveillance personnel.


Adultery – you’re married and you have sex with someone outside the bounds of marriage.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, it might make sense to hire the services of an infidelity private investigator. Here in Malaysia, we specialize in infidelity investigations. “But, before you call us regarding adultery, we feel it is in your best interest to talk directly to your spouse about your concerns as they arise”. Communication is the most effective way to resolve problems in an intimate relationship. However, this doesn’t apply when it comes to concerns about infidelity. Talking to a spouse who is already cheating only makes it more difficult to actually discover the truth.


Infidelity – you’re not married and voluntarily have sex with someone outside of a monogamous relationship.

Private investigators who conduct infidelity investigations are licensed to gather information, engage in surveillance and understand what is permitted under permitted federal government law. If there is a potential for legal proceedings to exist, i.e. child custody, alimony, marital assets were used to support an extra marital affair, and divorce, hiring an private investigator may help minimize your risk. If you collect information about your spouse, the information may be useless because of how it was obtained.

Hiring an private investigator helps minimize the chances of information being thrown out during legal procedures. Remember, private investigators are allowed to testify on your behalf. Having a third-party present information will appear less biased and more credible.


Child Movement Monitoring – Is your child often not at home or you sense that he/she is lying to you. You are anxious to know what they are up to. We will help you monitor your child, giving you timely updates of his/her happenings putting your curiosity at bay. Knowing your child activity is the first step to helping them.

Child Custody – We understand that it is never easy in a divorce proceeding, especially when a child is involved. You feel that your partner is unfit to look after your child and therefore it is up to you to prove this in court in order to gain custody.


To find out or confirm whether a person has love affair with any one, we shadow the concerned person under the written authority of Parents or spouse to watch his or her each movement, trace his or her contacts or meetings  and make all out efforts to procure photo and video-graphs evidence of the same.

We are providing the service to our clients for checking the affair or their spouse or kids in various manners as per their requirement. We check from house to school or college or office or in party or while they are out for shopping even. We check person trust, loyalty, or personnel breach of conduct. We give a very good report and advice on these issues. Our agency has solved lot of cases on these matters and now they are living very happily with complete trust and loyalty.


Our detective firm provides matrimonial investigation service that includes spouse’s surveillance and pre-marital background checks. Our detective firm is specialized in cheating spouse investigations and investigation of unfaithfulness. We handle these cases with supreme caution by using reserved methods as these investigations can be super sensitive to those involved. Our detective firm’s goal is to put a stop to our client’s misery and doubts with our fast yet subtle matrimonial investigation to provide answers to all the questions that haunt them. Our detective firm has an extensive experience as we have been handling these investigations for years in Malaysia.


Asset investigations involve a nationwide search of public records to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These searches will uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be tied to the property. Asset investigations can be completed in a number of ways, all focusing on piecing together the puzzle of an individual or company’s financial puzzle. Depending on why you need an asset check, the investigation can include a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work, or a financial or business background check. Asset investigations basically work by uncovering exactly what sorts of collectible assets someone has. Whether you’re investigating a business or individual, an asset investigator will determine how likely you are to get money in a court case. An asset investigation can also tell you  how secure someone’s assets are

you trust a company or individual with your business. Only an asset investigation can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name, is using fraud, is hiding assets, or has multiple judgments or a track record of fraud against them. Knowing this can not only help you in court, but can also give you the information and facts that you need to do everyday business.

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