Singapore: I was harassed after responding to advert offering loans.


I responded to a text msg which offer loans for a very low interest rate and over 5 years. the person is johnny who claimed to be from sal credit pte ltd. i enquired for a loan, johnny urged me to submit my personal details that is front and back of ic, cpf contribution and singpass. due to my financial situation, i am in need of money to settle my family expenses. Thus, all info was submitted via whatapps. subsequently the so called loan was approved even though during the application, i asked to cancel the application, they didn’t allow.

another administrator named ryan called to inform to pay 7% GST of the loan amount in order for the loan to be deposited into my account. This was when i felt something amiss and i went to search for information on the company and called ministry of law for clarification. and i was sadly informed that this SAL credit pte ltd is not a legit money lender.

thereafter, johnny whatapps me again with threats of fire burning house hold videos and claiming that he will pay me a visit at my place within the day.

it is a horrid experience. so please do look out for such scams.